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4 Myths About Circumcision and the Truth Behind Them

Many individuals worry that they are too old or too young to be circumcised. Fortunately, the reality is that any male can be circumcised at any age. However, this does not change the fact that making the decision to undergo circumcision is sometimes difficult.

After all, the operation involves sensitive parts of the body, and plenty of misinformation is circulating that can put off someone considering the procedure. The best solution to this problem is to tackle these myths and uncover the truth behind them.


With that said, here are some common myths behind circumcision and the truth behind them.


1. It hurts more when you are older


Many people believe that getting circumcised as an adult hurts more than as an infant. This is not true, as anesthesia is always used before the procedure. However, most adults are often busy with their day-to-day responsibilities, which means that there might be external factors that can make the decision more complicated.

As an adult, you will probably need to take a break from your usual routine while healing from the procedure. In most cases, you will need to spend three days at home to recover before going back to work. Overall, the healing process will take up to four weeks.


2. Circumcision requires general anesthesia


General anesthesia is a combination of drugs to put you in a sleep-like state. This can be risky for some patients—not to mention expensive—and many people avoid it. Fortunately, circumcision does not require general anesthesia. It uses only local anesthesia to numb the operating area for a painless and more affordable circumcision.


3. Problematic infant circumcision is unfixable


It is true that not all circumcisions are perfect from the get-go. Sometimes, too little is cut off, while other times, the healing process gets interrupted. Many people believe that these problems are unfixable, but the truth is that circumcisions can be repaired, whether the operation took place in infancy or adulthood. It is common for men to go through procedures to address various problems, such as excess foreskin or an uneven cut.


4. Circumcision causes less enjoyment of sexual activities


Some may claim that circumcision leads to less enjoyment of sexual activities due to the dulling of sensitivity. However, the opposite is true. While both circumcised and uncircumcised men can still have the same amount of sexual enjoyment, many men report that getting circumcised is better due to women’s favorable response to the appearance.




With those myths out of the way, we hope that any misinformation you may have heard has been thoroughly addressed. That said, the decision to be circumcised is up to you. Do not worry if you are still having trouble deciding, as undergoing any surgery—circumcision or not—can be a challenge.

If you still have questions and doubts in your mind, do not be hesitate to get in touch with a licensed physician. They can give you the answers and insights you need to decide with confidence, allowing you to make the right choice.


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