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Urologists are the experts in Men's Health.


Men’sHealth @UUANJ is a program we offer that specializes in treating Men’s Urological Health needs.

Men and women view healthcare very differently.  Women tend to be more preventative and men tend to be more reactive.  In other words, women see the doctor to make sure they’re OK; men see the doctor when bones are sticking out of their skin.  Many men tend to “grin and bear” many symptoms resulting in a poor quality of life or even bigger problems in the future.

We have developed a program based on the latest scientific data to treat the most common urological conditions affecting men including:

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH; enlarged prostate)
  • Erectile Dysfunction (impotence)
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Prostatitis
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Testosterone Deficiency
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