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Urology Group Raises Men’s Health Awareness through Urinal Sponsorship at FirstEnergy Park

Many baseball fans are familiar with the game’s lingo – they know that the “bag” refers to a base and that ERA means earned run average. They may even be able to recite the batting averages of their home team’s starting line-up. But does the public know that ED means Erectile Dysfunction or BPH means Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia – also known as an enlarged prostate?

One local urology group has taken an untraditional approach to raising awareness of men’s health issues by partnering with the Lakewood BlueClaws and Trenton Thunder.

University Urology Associates of New Jersey (UUANJ) has taken advertising space in urinals at FirstEnergy Park, home of the Lakewood BlueClaws. The sponsorship makes the urinals a platform to promote the medical practice, but to also shed light on serious men’s health issues in a lighthearted way.

“It’s not always easy for men to come to terms with their health issues, especially urological issues. By putting signs in the urinals at the stadium, we’re bringing a bit of levity to an often uncomfortable topic of conversation and, more importantly, raising awareness of the potentially consequential conditions associated with urological health,” says Mukaram Gazi, M.D., a board-certified urologist at UUANJ and chief of urology at Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus.

Each urinal “wrap” features a clever slogan that refers to common urological problems such as overactive bladder, enlarged prostate and more – tying these issues into baseball. One wrap reads, “Standing here longer than you stood for the National Anthem?”

Although this kind of marketing tool has been used before, it is a new notion for this region. “Our concept isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s a new way to reach a significant number of people in the region. The sponsorship isn’t just a marketing concept – it serves as a public service announcement, bringing to light some of the common issues affecting men,” says Dr. Alexander Gotesman, a urologist who helped develop the idea.

UUANJ, which has offices in Freehold, Lakewood, Howell and Hamilton, is also sponsoring the urinals at Arm & Hammer Park, home of the Trenton Thunder.

For more information on UUANJ or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gazi, call 732-928-5300. To learn more about Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus, visit

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