The Prolieve® System is an in-office technology, a medical device that both heats the prostate and dilates the prostatic urethra. The purpose of the Prolieve® System is to treat the symptoms of enlarged prostate (BPH) in men who would benefit from drug or surgical therapy. The treatment was designed with patients’ needs and comfort in mind.

What to Expect During Your Prolieve® Treatment

  • The physician will insert a catheter into your urethra.
  • When microwave energy is turned on, it will be transmitted from a special antenna inside the catheter to provide heat to your prostate.
  • The heat will reduce the enlarged tissue of your prostate.
  • A small balloon that is also part of the catheter will inflate within the section of the urethra close to where the prostate is located.
  • During the entire 45-minute procedure, water will be circulating inside the catheter through your urethra.

For your safety, the Prolieve® System’s computer monitors the temperature surrounding the treatment area by means of a rectal temperature monitor. If the temperature at the monitor reaches 42ºC, the system will shut off automatically.

The Prolieve® System is FDA approved. The System’s design and operating protocol were investigated in clinical studies of other men suffering from BPH. The results showed the Prolieve® System is safe and effective.

Figure 1: This is a schematic illustration of a cross section of a prostate BEFORE treatment with the Prolieve® System.Figure 2: This is a schematic illustration of a cross-section of a prostate immediately AFTER treatment with the Prolieve® System.

Is the Prolieve® Treatment Right for You?

Although individual results may vary, in a clinical study many patients experienced significant relief from their enlarged prostate (BPH) symptoms*. Ask you doctor for more information.

*In a clinical trial, 74% (68/92) of Prolieve® System patients experienced a ≥ 30% improvement of their AUA total score, a measure of BPH symptoms, at one year.

What Results Can I Expect?

You should be able to go home right after the Prolieve® System Treatment. However, it is a good idea to have someone drive you home after the procedure. Most patients are able to resume their normal activities shortly after the treatment.

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